7 – 30 June 2013
Osage Open

Osage Art Foundation is pleased to host the tenth Children’s Creative Arts Exhibition presented by the Hong Kong Christian Service (HKCS) at Osage Open. The theme for this year isArts Galore. The exhibition will present more than 200 two-dimensional and three-dimensional artworks by children aged four to six from the Hong Kong Christian Service Nursery schools.

Arts Galore is a celebration of the children’s unbridled creativity and lively imagination. Theirimpressions of the world around them are depicted through innocent eyes, sometimes adopting unconventional artistic techniques. The children embrace art with an open mind and express their unique ideas with eye-catching colours,lively brushstrokes, exploring texture and volume, exaggerated forms and through experimentation in various media.  Their work encapsulates their free-spiritedness and passion for life.

Since 2005, Osage Art Foundation has partnered with HKCS in developing workshops and programs that aim to foster the link between education and the arts, nurture creativity and to allow access and experience of different mediums of art in their early childhood.

Works shown in this exhibition, as agreed by the parents, will be available for sale and all proceeds will be donated to the Hong Kong Christian Service Children’s Art Development Fund to support children art education. 

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HKCS 2013 Image
HKCS 2013 Image
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